по ту сторону - ты, по эту сторону - я

Финал Orange is the New Black - это что-то. Ответственные за сценарий - вы Боги среди всех сценаристов мира.


Вот пару цитат про финальную сцену.

"Out of every ending I have ever watched in a show, season 4 finale of ointb is my favourite by far. Breathtaking, and sent shivers down my spine. What an excellent sсript for this season."

"I stared at my screen for a good 3 mins without moving and listening to this song at the end of the episode. Too many things to process."

"I'm still recovering from #Poussey 's death. They knew exactly what they were doing when they had her look into that fucking camera."


"The ending was so powerful, it was so chilling, it was BEAUTIFUL I just can't stop crying. The last shots are unforgettable."